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Sacred Spirit Haven

Spirit Haven rests on 12 acres of Sacred Ground. We believe that this fertile "bowl" was cherished by the Cherokee Nation, as there are springs, and an artesian well upon the land. It is protected in all directions by mountains. Dowsers have discovered energy vortices on it. Please refer to the picture of the Vortex Garden vortex.

We invite you to come for personal spiritual retreat. Our blessings to you. We join with your prayer for clarity, peace. and healing. We believe that you will find our community and the land conducive to peace, relaxation, connection with The Creator, and our Mother Earth. Miracles occur here. Having a personal readiness to receive them helps them happen. We recommend you come with a journal.

Annaleah and Joshua have made several pilgrimages to sacred sites, and have either brought back rocks, or energized crystals from these places. They are scattered all over the land, but especially in our sacred site locations. The energies come from Chartres Cathedral, Mont St. Michel, Lourdes,and Rouens in France; Findhorn, Iona, the Chalice Well, the Glastonbury Tor, Stonehenge, Avebery, Wales, Tintagel, and Mount St. Michael in the British Isles; Crystal mines in Mt. Ida, Arkansas; Wainapanapaa, Puu honua o Honaunau, and Haleakela, Hawaii. Friends have gifted us with crystals or stones from Mt. Sinai, Egypt, The Sea of Galilee, Israel, and India. We trust that you will enjoy the energy from these places here at Spirit Haven.

We believe that there is a Spirit of Holiness within everything that is connected to the Spirit of Holiness in everything else. There are times when we get distracted and forget to see it, but that doesn't mean that it goes away. It cannot be altered. It is Who we are. That Holy part of us never forgets us. This Holiness can heal all manner of dis-ease and dis-harmony that our personalities can get us into.

At Spirit Haven we remember Who you are. It is a place to reconnect, to remember, to take that pilgrimage within to the Source of your Being. The sacred sites here can help you. However, if a healing occurs, it is because You did it, and you received it. Healing occurs from within, although surroundings may help make it easier to remember.

While you are having your retreat time, we suggest that you refrain from the use of recreational drugs or alcohol. They will interfere with your point of reference for a spiritual experience. You won't know whether it is the drugs or your own personal spiritual high that you are feeling.

Eating foods easily digestible and without chemicals will make it easier for your body to devote its energy to the concentration it takes to be still and listen. We recommend that you bring such food with you when you come. Our facilities include complete kitchens.

We have spiritual gatherings open to the public on occasion. We will let you know if one is occurring while you are staying with us. You are welcome to attend our regularly scheduled spiritual gathering times. We have Spiritual Celebration upstairs in the Lodge eve ry Sunday morning at 11, unless it is booked for a large retreat. Then we meet in Beauty, the peace chamber. On Wednesday nights at 7:30 we have a healing service. Community members offer hands on healing. Inner Light Consciousness is offered once a season. It is an intensive course in spiritual evolution.

We believe that each sacred site helps one connect with a natural element. A lot of personal balancing can be done by recognizing when one is out of synch, or off center, and taking steps to get balanced. Since all healing must occur in the mind, it is the mind that one works with, but the personality/body can be supported by other elements. This is similar to taking medications to help remove cold symptoms until your body's inner healer heals the cold. It does give a message to the Soul that you are serious about getting well, and does help you feel better.

The way in which one is off center can be related somewhat to an underactive or overactive expression of an element, which can be helped by being in an area rich in the needed element. Please remember that the following recommendations are generalizations. Trust the Healer in yourself to lead you to the right place to be. You will receive a blessing from every place, if you are open to receive it.

Feeling sad, a little depressed: This could mean a little too much water, or not enough fire. Sit in the sun in the center of the vortex garden. There is a natural vortex of energy where three ley lines meet. It will recharge your physical "battery".

There is a secluded fire circle above the cottage, or one outside the Lodge. In the evening you may go to the fire circles and build a small fire, if it is a burn day. Let Annaleah or Joshua know, as there are rules to be followed. Or you may just go out at night and look at the stars. Each star represents a sphere of Love. Just as we have learned that the Earth is a being beyond her chemical components, the Sun is a being beyond the fiery combustion of hydrogen and helium atoms. The Sun and other stars are beings who are willing to give Light and warmth to support life on many planets. I believe that we can tune into their Love.

Feeling agitated or angry: It could be a little too much fire, and not enough water. Sit in the gazebo by the pond, and let the water and the creatures in it relax you. You may even paddle the boat to the middle of the pond and just rest, being supported by the water. For a field trip, go to Looking Glass Falls or Sliding Rock, nearby off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. In season we have little creeks to play with.

For some nurturing, walk to the Shrine by the Big Tree beyond the goat pasture. It is a mossy little bowl like place where you can sit on a rock, and communicate with Divine Mother. Since God is all things to all people, sometimes it helps to think of Her as a female, a great nurturing mother. (S)he listens. (S)he cherishes you.

Much of the front face of the Big Tree is scarred, and bald. It met with some catastrophe in its early years, but it didn't feel sorry for itself. It did what it was created to do. It became the best Poplar that it could be. It is larger and taller than all of the other trees around it. Sometimes a wound can make us stronger than we would have been if the wound had never occurred.

In and around the bowl shaped space are 91 quartz crystals "planted" underground in a "Flower of Life" shape. This crystal blessing of our land was celebrated by 12 people in Feb. of 1997. Frederick Rovecamp led the celebration. The energy that the crystals hold is that of healing and expressing the highest that one Is. I refer to the crystals as the "Crystal Brotherhood".

Absorb Mt. Pisgah's benevolent energy. Page Bryant, in her book, "The Reawakening of the Great Smoky Mountains" states that Mt. Pisgah's energy causes the herbs and plants of this area to be especially potent for healing and ritual. Mt. Pisgah is a mile away as the crow flies. Come open to receive the love that is waiting to jump into your heart.

Feeling stuck, rigid, uptight: Expand! This could be too much earth, or not enough air. Get yourself into a wide, airy, sunny place. The Vortex garden is good, or the hill between the sheep pasture and the fire circle. If you have the time and energy (the hike is moderate, and involves climbing over a few rocks, but can be done by kids if one takes time) , take a field trip to the top of Mt. Pisgah. It is so close, and offers the best view of the area around Asheville. The panoramic view is exhilarating, humbling and joyous. Carry your own water and snacks in, and out! Or drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is 4 mi. away.

Feeling spaced out, unable to concentrate: Walk! Walk the trails around Spirit Haven, looking down as you walk. Notice the many kinds of plants, rocks, flowers, critters, stories....etc.

Garden! Working the earth and plants is very grounding. One can't help but appreciate life's abundance when you spend time in the garden. You can weed, plant, harvest or water, or help with other garden chores. In season you may harvest food for your meal, and flowers for you table.

Sit! Sit with your back aligned next to Grandfather or Grandmother Pine in back of the Cozy Cottage near the road. Mentally ride their deep roots into Mother Earth, let your heart fill with all of the things you love about the earth, and send them down to her core. Wait for her reply......

For forgiveness, healing, remembering, releasing, finding vision: Plan on spending time in Beauty, the Peace Chamber, on Turtle Island. But you can do this anywhere, whenever you are truly serious about the intention to do so. I believe that it is a human's ultimate destiny to have direct communication with Deity. The founders of the world's religions began with a personal vision, or experience from Deity. They attempted to share it with others, and religions were born. But words are only symbols, and even in the original telling, the highest vibrations of the experience were diluted. As more and more people joined the religion, more structure had to come into being, and the truth was yet again constrained.

Now we are in a new phase of spiritual expression: Let it be that we choose to communicate with Deity directly, through our own silence. Let the voices of our personalities be still, so that we can hear the still small voice of Deity. Any religion can inspire one to the point of wanting direct communication with Deity. Acting on that impulse comes from personal desire and commitment. It's simple, but not easy. The Beloved is ever with us wanting to connect with us. But our minds have been given free reign to chatter and drive us to distraction. Our bodies have been spoiled by our caving in to their every whim. There are many meditation techniques available. It is not our intention to tell one how to do it. You may have your own favorite. We teach some methods here, but, the intention to be still and communicate with Deity is the only thing required.

A reminder: If you engage Deity, and ask for It's guidance in your life, you will begin to walk on a pathway which will lead you to the Highest, most perfect life you could imagine for yourself. Deity honors its commitments. Once Deity enters your life, you will never be quite the same.

If, however, you forget your commitment, be prepared that Deity will remind you of your choice to be connected. Initially these reminders may be gentle, like you might find a passage in a book, that fills your heart with a remembrance of your earlier connection. Yo u may have a dream. If you respond and get back on the path with these reminders, that is well. If you say, "Oh yes, I must get back to that at some point", you may get a stronger reminder, such as an illness or a minor accident that makes you slow down. If you wait again, you may draw to yourself a crisis, in which you must call upon a resource far greater than your personality to resolve it. Deity will never give you anything that you cannot handle. Nor will It answer a prayer if the ultimate answer to that prayer will increase a level of fear.

Annaleah has had experience guiding people to their Source since 1976. Every path is different. Three full days is a recommended minimum stay. By talking with you, and connecting with your Highest, She is able to direct you to what will help you remember in the best possible way. Or, you may completely direct your own retreat. This information is available in greater detail on site. Additional work with Annaleah is offered on a love offering basis. Other professionals are available for body and energy work.

Our prayer for you is that you have the highest experience you can receive for the highest good for All, in accordance with Divine Will for your soul. You can count on that to be with you in your experience here or elsewhere. Blessings to you always.

--Annaleah and Joshua


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